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    Quote Originally Posted by piotr01 View Post
    If you ever get another tarp, you should also consider getting it in Spinntex material. That should solve misting problems from hard rain.
    No misting under my Spinn tarp, none. I love that stuff! But, at $18/yard it certainly isn't the cheapest option out there.

    A theory was discussed here many moons ago by Michele (I think) that said if you pitch the sil tarp a bit looser than you normally would it would allow enough slack in the sil to absorb some of the impact and prevent most misting issues. I have not tried this in an extremely heavy downpour, but have tried it in moderate storms with good success. Seems to work, but somebody needs to report after a really hard rainstorm.
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    Well I hope I don't find out to soon (heavy rainfall), but I will try leaving it looser some time if the wind is down. The OES Spinntex tarps look nice and I like the idea of lighter weights, but the cost is not in the budget right now . I have had condensation under the tarp even when it was hung high on the sides. If it's not buggy I prefer the bug net folded back and just breathing upwards causes condensation if the conditions are right. I was impressed at how well the MacCat Deluxe weathered the storm. I also have a 8x10, but I only want to use it in the winter for more wind blocking.

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