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    First mock hang and a BIG HEADS UP for Harriman State park(NY).

    Hay all! my first hang of the year this past weekend. WEEE-WHOOO-"BUDDY"(for shug!). each night i was left for- best way to put it is "lost". night one- got mock burn on my left elbow and sliding! tree's too close, i think. "9' apart". LOL... night two- taco! i'm sure was the cause of me over heating that night. trees at 15' apart. i'm sure i just have to fine tune my mock style. HEADS UP!!! For all that go down the tuxedo mountain trail in harriman state park! spent my second night at Claudius Smith Den. at the spring, i ran into the water management guy! 4' to 5' eastern diamondback rattle snake. sat there filling up on water with a couple i met. the snake was next to the girl friend and slithered about ten feet from us and went under some leaf litter and watched us and there was no rattling going on. then we ran into the scenic view manager while we where cooking dinner. a 2' to 3' eastern diamondback rattler slithered up to me. it was about three feet away when i spotted him. i got my one of my walking poles and turned it into a snake prod! and moved him along. again no rattling going on, till i prodded the little guy on. i then went to my pack and pulled out my pouch of kinnikinnikck, said a prayer and thanked the snakes for shearing there space with us. on the way out we stopped to get more water and there was the big guy- just about were we left him the day before. i said to him or her, thanks again for being cool and for being nice to us. this time i had my camera. we got the water and left.
    over all it was fun and the two rattlers were so beautiful. i figuerd i shair a bit of my weekend and give the heads up! as far as ticks two on me 5 or so on the other two. Hope the heads up is useful!
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