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    I need to try different arrangements I suppose and see but I can't imagine not putting the line inside the tarp.

    I've never had rain drip off my tarp ridge line even with no drip lines on it and it raining for hours and hours. I like being able to hang stuff from the ridge line inside the tarp. That's a pretty huge plus for me.

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    the answer is always "it depends"

    For the small A-Sym tarps that have the ridgeline diagonal to the fabric weave I prefer the ridgeline under and stretched tight between the tree. When the ridgeline to diagonal cut flys are stretched too taut they tend to form folds and hold water.

    A hex fly with a cat cut ridgeline is not designed for a tight ridgeline under the tarp - you lose the advantages of the cat cut.

    A third option is an under ridgeline that is loose and the fly is stretched with prussics. This creates some sag in the ridgeline and the ridgeline can then bu used for a clothes line.
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