This made me chuckle. The first time several of my girls ever peed in the woods was on a ranger led canoe trip in the Congaree swamp. We had stopped for lunch and the ranger (female) suggested we use the trees before setting back off. After a confused English-not-his-first-language guy followed us and the ranger explained that he would probably like to use some other trees, the girls looked at me like..."Are we really going to pee in the woods??" The female ranger dropped her shorts and squatted to the shocked expression on my girls faces! Haha...I had to keep from laughing. All the girls ended up following suit and I think were quite proud of themselves.

Just two days ago, I was speaking with a coworker whose husband was taking a group of boys camping overnight last night. I asked if she were going, too. She said if there was going to be a bathroom, she would, but since there wasn't she wasn't going. I expressed that it wasn't that bad to go in the woods. She said, "Would you really do that???" I replied, "I just paddled 4 days down a river. There weren't any bathrooms. You don't think I held it for 4 days, do you???" I think I left her speechless.