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    TN>Land Between the Lakes--planning stages

    Many years ago I paddled around the LBL peninsula. I think that trip was close or a bit over a hundred miles.
    3 years ago I paddled down the left side of Kentucky Lake.
    We're thinking about a 'bridge to bridge' paddle over a long Thanksgiving weekend. If you look at the map you'll see Hwy 68 bisects the park roughly half way up the peninsula....guesstimate on mileage is 50-60 miles.
    We're thinking of a total of 8 days....a day travel each way and 6 days on the water paddle between 8-10 miles a day(ish).
    Why November? That's when Poof can get the most time off, the bugs will be gone, the kids back in school. the bassboaters put up for the winter, and hopefully the ticks will be hibernating, etc.

    LBL is an awesome place. It's huge, you can camp practically anywhere. It is a 'flat' area-no major mountain ranges to block serious wind so there could be a day where its just too rough to paddle so that possibility is built into the timeline.

    We've been backpacking a lot of the last year, got some good bikecamping in; just thinking something different and living out of a kayak has its amenities.

    I know most can't get away Thanksgiving due to family but if any HFers are interested you're surely invited.
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