Ok hangers, I'm one of y'all now officially. Saturday night I finally slept in my hammock.

Hooch and I drove out to Hot Springs, NC on Saturday and hiked from Tanyard Gap back into Hot Springs. We spent the night at HS Campground at our favorite site by the river. Hooch cooked and I started the fire. We ate and hung out by the fire. Hammocks and tarps were already set up, waiting.

By 8:30pm we were both pretty tired and we decided to turn in. I carefully got into my hammock and sleeping bag. After a little adjustment of my pads I got comfy and was in heaven. Besides two trips to the bathroom I slept better than I have in a very long time. I love the "sway", it lulled me to sleep perfectly. I slept about 11 hours in my hammock...amazing. At home in my bed I wake up often and toss and turn. Thinking of getting a stand for my bedroom!

I love my hammock and I want to say thanks to NCPatrick for my cinch buckles and a huge thanks to my Hooch for helping me figure out what I need and showing me how to put it all together. I'm sure that he is the reason my first outting went so smoothly.

I'll never sleep on the ground again if I can help it! Hammocks are the s*it! Now I'm thinking about how I can feminize my setup and all the cool accessories I need to go with my setup.