Slept out in the Winter Yeti last eve in -2 and a -22 windchill. The wind was really blowing along with the snow.
The Yeti kept my back totally warm ... with no pad!! I am thrilled, but I knew it would do the job. Wanted to go minimal in my backyard and used a CCF short pad in the footbox and a piece of Reflectix in the foot of my REI 0 bag. Worked well and my feet were good and warm until about 5:30AM. Then I slipped on my trusty JRB Down Sleeves over my feet and all was well. Used my FishinFinn TopCover again to keep the wind off and blowing snow out. Had a bit of frost over my face and on the bugnet by my head. I expected that.
Wore balaclava, Possum Down cap, down hood, SmartWool top, light fleece top, REI mid longjohns and light fleece tights, two pair SW socks and wrist warmers.
As an afterthought I wish I had strung my 1/2 UQ over the footbox but wanted to see what just a pad would do in that kind of cold. I think the 11"x14" piece of Reflectix in the footbox of my sleeping bag worked well ... as far as I can tell. I usually have it to put up under my back or butt to prevent CBS. Did not need it at all with the Yeti as my butt never ever got cold. Whooooo Yeti!
Shug of the Snug-Snooze