Last weekend, when I hung from two trees that were not far enough apart, I discovered something interesting.

Previously, I complained that my HH sometimes cuts across my left leg in a most uncomfortable manner. The folks who responded in that thread explained that it happens to some extent in all gathered end hammocks without a footbox.

When I hung on the sides of two trees that were about ten feet apart, the hammock had far more sag than normal, and the ridgeline was a little slack. However, when I lay on the diagonal, I was pleased to find that the cut-across-the-leg was completely gone!

Increasing the sag did not decrease the length of the diagonal lay. Instead, it spread out the material that supports the diagonal lay.

Could it be that all I have to do is shorten my ridgeline to eliminate the cut-across-the-leg? Has anyone tried this?

Here are some pics:

- MacEntyre