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Thread: AHE Shangri-La

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    AHE Shangri-La

    I really like my Shangri-La because of the taper. The taper has some interesting advantages, including hanging the foot and head ends at different heights and when setting up as a makeshift tarp tent. I did a quick review here:

    Reversed But Still Very Shangri La

    The edge is a little close for the shelf on a wbbb standard, and it might a little short for an 11ft dangerbird (i am still playing with that set up.

    I also have a toxaway. Nice tarp too. The cat cut on the end is a little more aggressive toward the middle (the ends of the Shangri La are flatter).

    Both pack small with the shangri-la taking up slightly less room.

    I asked for loops at the ridgeline so I can tie the tarp back as in a baker lean to style. I also use the loops to tie up the tarp so there is no need for snakeskins (weight and space savings).

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    As I have put it elsewhere (and too many times). My feet are sightless and I am alone in my hmmk. So, I can bring the foot-end down low and forward for better coverage in blowing wind, and I retain all the view I want at the head end.
    Another angle on this is with the gathered end hammocks the foot end needs to be higher than the head end. In my case much higher to make it comfortable. The Shangri La is therefore going to be closer at the foot anyway.

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