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    Algonquin Park Accommodation

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and hope i will get a good suggestion.

    I am thinking of a 10 day visit with my family to Algonquin Park a month later. I am confused about choosing the right accommodation. Going online, i found many lodges and hotels. But i would prefer an accommodation inside the park that gives easy access to hiking trails as we are greatly interested in hiking. Anyone stayed in the lodges or cabin rentals within the park? Any suggestions? How long before can i reserve the room and what is the cost?

    I also look for rentals near the lake. You advice or opinions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Re: Algonquin Park Accommodation

    I may be wrong, but I think that everytthing is campsites in the park. Even at achray campground which you can drive to has only campsites.

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    Inside the park there's the following lodges:

    Arrowhon Pines, Bartlett Lodge and Killarney Lodge. Quite truthfully, they are probably booked solid and IMO, really pricey.

    There are also yurts that are available for rent through the park ($93/day) or you can book a campsite and rent camping equipment from one of the outfitters if you don't have enough, although with the price of larger tents at W/M you might be better off buying some of your equipment and renting the rest. PFD's are available for rent through the park or the outfitters.

    The yurts come with some equipment and the park will be able to tell you what is included.

    There are 9 different campgrounds within the park, each has something different to offer depending on what you're looking for.

    As to the hiking trails, they are spread out across the 56 km of the hwy 60 corridor so no one lodge or campground is close to all of them, you'll need to drive to the trailheads. There is a fairly extensive bike path as well.

    Outside of the park, there's a ton of cottage rental/lodges/trailer/rv parks in Oxtongue Lake, Whitney and Dwight but at this late date you might have trouble finding something suitable.

    Good luck!

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