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Thread: Sleeping pad

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxmike View Post
    That's a fallacy.
    I dunno... I'd agree with him 100%, both as a cyclist and as a hanger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxmike View Post
    Same way I always sleep warm. Last week was camping got around 45 with the wind, and slept in just my silk sleeping bag liner.

    how does it react though? is it like a closed cell pad? or like a yoga mat?
    I guess what i'm trying to ask is how does it stuff into your bag?
    Neither. It is NOT firm like a yoga mat, and looser than closed-foam. Think about a big old sheet of cotton, but much stronger. I can't describe it other than that. it stuffs like a fleece blanket. it is soft, and stuffable, but not compressible.

    If you go to JoAnns and look at a sheet of polyester baton, it looks and feels like that, but holds it shape a bit better.

    I stuff it loosely (not in a stuff sack) and stuff it down into the cracks and corners inside my pack. It is like a filler of sorts.

    I hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cermichael View Post
    I was a cyclist before I got into hammocking. I met people who reasoned, I will buy a cheap bike to see if I like cycling. Many did not like cycling because they were riding cheap bikes. Check your gear out in the backyard. Get help from experienced hammockers.
    Quote Originally Posted by pdxmike View Post
    That's a fallacy.
    Quote Originally Posted by scryan View Post
    I dunno... I'd agree with him 100%, both as a cyclist and as a hanger.

    With a lot of this hammocking stuff, set-up is key and all the reading and research you can do might not help you get it right before you decide you don't like it and give up.

    Take it easy,

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