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    Next step in under insulation - Sock? / DIY UQ? Other?

    I've been hammocking for a couple years now - to the point where I'm ready to start getting serious about insulation. I'm aiming to have a versatile, simple, reasonably lightweight solution to achieve 3 (wisconsin) seasons of hammocking comfort. So far I've used my sleeping bag (mountain hardwear lamina 35 synethtic), with a pad (both my stoic LTWT self inflating and waffle CCF), and my big blue down sleeping bag that zippers from both ends hung peapod style. The peapod worked "ok" on a night in the high 20's, but got cold from the wind. Also, since it's a semi-mummy bag, running the hammock through the face opening is a bit awkward, and I kept having to cinch it tight again.

    Now, I'm looking at a couple options, moving forward, hoping to spend as little $$$ as possible (but still being warm, comfortable and lightweight):

    1) DIY Underquilt- Main drawback, I haven't sewn before. I have a sewing machine, a 10x10 polyester taffeta tent fly that's pretty light weight I can use as the shell, down from a couple sources -thrift store eddie bauer down jacket size XXL and a down comforter I'm willing to cannibalize. between the somewhat questionable materials (anyone know if there's a way to measure the fill power of down?) and my lack of sewing skills, I'm just not sure about this one.

    2) SOL Escape bivy as a sock / under cover. From what I've read, this actually adds a pretty good amount of warmth, is breathable, and would be great at blocking wind. In another thread someone had great results converting his into an under cover and, combined with a pad, got down pretty low. But there seems to be varying opinions about these things.

    3) Doing something with my big down bag - Converting it to an underquilt, using some of the leftover down to make a top quilt. I'm not crazy about this option because I lose a good piece of gear (although I got the bag for next to nothing ($30) depending on how it all works out, I might be able to use a top quilt in its place for tent camping in the winter in my 4 season tent)

    Maybe I'm missing some options here? Any advice?
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    Re: Next step in under insulation - Sock? / DIY UQ? Other?

    If you dont have an uq, get that sorted first imo.

    If nothing else you can buy a underquilt shell, fill it with your own down.
    I think its ...on my phone so sorry if thats the wrong site, someone will correct me.

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    I probably should have mentioned, but I have a friend that sews currently modding a down vest into an underquilt for me - channels into the collar and waste, zippers on the arm holes. But this video has me thinking if I shouldn't just do the same with my $50 700 FP down sweater :
    and combine the two when I need full coverage?

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