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    no cut ridgeline shortening

    I thought I would shorten my ridgeline to find my sweet spot.
    However, I do not want to cut it. I have no idea what length I will
    eventually want, and I may want it back to the original length one day.

    So, I got me a small piece of para cord and used it as a nipper.
    Here's how I did it:

    Step 1 is to pull a bight in the ridgeline about three or four inches
    from the existing knot near the end of the hammock.

    Step 2 is to tie the other end of the nipper in a stopper knot
    just above the existing knot in the ridgeline.

    Unless you have claws for fingers, like me, you should do this when
    the hammock is not hung. Make sure there are at least four round turns
    in the stopper, and they are stacked nice and neat, with a half hitch on
    the standing part above them.

    Here is a broader view of the finished product. A proper stopper knot
    will not slip, but you might want to slide the stopper down so it sits
    right on top of the existing knot in the ridgeline.

    BTW, I will use a stopper knot at both ends, until I find my sweet spot,
    so I can adjust it by sliding the stopper up and down the ridgeline.
    Then I will tie the nipper as shown above.

    Here's my temporary rig with no shortening.

    Here it is with a couple of inches shortened.

    The two-stopper method it is inifinitely adjustable,
    but you better be confident about your knots!
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