Greetings to all,

I'm new to the site and have been doing a bunch of reading in the forums on this topic, but I figured the direct approach would be best.

I do a lot of camping and backpacking and am planning for a 10-day solo trip in New England this coming summer. I've decided to make the switch from my 5+ pound double wall tent to something lighter and more versatile and... suspended from trees. From what I've seen in the forums everyone has a different perspective and different needs, but the popular makers are Warbonnet, Hennessy, Claytor, Speer, and a few others. They all look great. So my big question is (pun intended, I guess):

I stand about 6' 4". I'd love to hear from some tall hammock folk who have found the right fit with a particular maker/model. I do tend to sleep on my side and shift around a bit during the night.

The other consideration is weight: it would really have to be under 3 lbs., ideally closer to 2 for longer lightweight travel. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles but of course want something durable, with netting and rainfly etc.

Many thanks for any suggestions - happy hanging