Just got back for a short overnight trip with the scout troop but it was still very interesting. We made it to the trail head only to find out everything was on FIRE and we couldnt walk there. (at this point in time we are thinking... Ummm what do we do now?)

But we talked to a fireman that was there, watching the fire, where we could go to hike that had a good water source. Well after a 15 min drive south we made it to our new trail head. Calmed the boys down and told them what was going on and then hit the trail.

This trip was to help get me ready for an AT trip this summer, I would like to carry my DSLR Camera with me but its 3pounds. I took it on this trip just to feel what it was like to carry.

The boys are not very old so this trip was only a 2 mile walk into camp and then 2 miles back to the car. But we got to camp and I set up my hammock. Talk about the boys asking questions.

After dinner, which I tried one of the meals from freezerbagcooking.com, very good food. I went to get some water from the lake (if only it was a lake, more like a puddle.) but aways I got my water and looked up to see him less then 10 feet away from me.

The BEST part of this trip was when one the ride up we stoped at a rest stop and I went in and changed into my kilt. The faces I got from everyone else was priceless.

This has nothing to do with my trip but as I was typing this the Space Shutle launched and I took some pictures of that from the roof of my house. Here are a few.