Just a quick review of a test pad configuration for those considering options for pads like I am.

I slept out in the backyard last night down to the low 40's with socks, long underwear, t-shirt and light fleece in a 32 degree slumberjack (read as 40 at best).

I slept too warm. Never even cinched the hood up on my bag. Could have gone without the fleece and probably the long johns.

I took a blue ccf pad un-modified and folded it in half an put it horizontally under my torso with my thermarest blown up partially on top of it. I didn't have as much trouble adjusting or staying on this pad configuration as I anticipated. It was extremely warm too.

This configuration is not practical to pack in (both a full ccf and full thermarest), so I think I will cut the ccf in half and try the thermarest again, and then try my Pacific Outdoor Ether compact 6 mummy in place of the thermarest with the ccf.