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    Attention! Fall MAHHA to relocate. No longer at BRC in Virginia.

    Fall MAHHA to relocate! No longer at BRC in Virginia.

    By mutual consent of the MAHHA organizers and the Blue Ride Center, it has been decided to move the Fall MAHHA out of the BRC. Both sides tried to make it work, but it was agreed the large size of our group would be detrimental to the primitive camping area that is usually closed to the public.

    As people who love the outdoors, the MAHHA organizers believe in the conservation mission of the Blue Ridge Center and we are appreciative of the time and consideration they gave us in trying to make our event work. Especially AB Harris. I know you all will support this decision as well. And I'm glad the concerns were raised months in advance so as not to be a major hassle to people's travel plans.

    Announcements will be made when a new hang site is found. We will still try to keep to the 3rd weekend in October, but it all depends on the availability of the new location.

    Thanks for your continuing support of the Fall MAHHA through our growing pains! You all are the best!

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    I've copied this post to the announcements section, because it affects a large number of HF members.

    See the discussion thread here for more details.
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