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    SOLD - Claytor Small Rain Fly (2.3x3m)


    Below is Claytor's description from their website. This has only been used 3 or 4 nights. It was $45 brand new, but I'll take $40 shipped CONUS.

    SMALL RAIN FLY (2.3x3m.)
    Design: Reinforced attach points on the four corners and both peaks for very quick set up. There are also loops on the underside of the rain sheet for the elastic lines from the mosquito netting to attach to. This prevents rain from running down the lines and dropping on your face in heavy rain. The Rain Fly comes with 6 nylon lines. Color: Dark Green. Stuff Sack: Green. Dimensions: Rectangle shape - 230cm wide x 300cm long (7'6" wide x 10' long). Weight: .5kg. (1lb.)

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