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    DIY Speer type,double 1.7blackbird
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    remarkable craftsmanship

    Who ever is considering getting a new hammock at the present time or in the future let me just say this. The craftsmanship of the Warbonnet Blackbird is done in such a way that while lying in it you might think your on a cloud. Receiving my BB yesterday, a double 1.7 O.D. green. I, of course, had to sleep in it. I Slept in the cellar, and yes I got the typical eyes rolling with the look, are you nuts whats wrong with you. I looked at her calmly and said I am now the proud owner of a Blackbird hammock. She really doesn't know the difference but anyway on I went to the cellar. If she's not carefull I could become a cellar dweller with the BB.(ha ha kidding of course). If your not considering a BB you are doing a diservice to yourself.

    Setting it up could not have been easier, I can not think of a way that brandon could make this suspension system any easier. Lack of a better word it's just dummy proof. I connected the shock cords to some dumbells to get the full affect of the tie outs. The shelf held a magazine my cell phone and ipod with room for much more. The stitching on the BB is amazingly well done. His whipping design is even clean cut and gives it a stream line look.

    Zipper pulls are a little small but nothing paracord can't fix upon saying this I can understand why the zipper pulls are small, wouldn't want big metal pulls inside the hammock. Zippers work smoothly which is great. After watching shugs video, like a 100 times due to the anticipation of the arrival of my BB, about entering and exiting the BB with the zipper pulls it made it easy to get used to.

    Now with the double layer, I have to say that I am glad I got it and not the single. Not because the quality is less but the ability to add a pad with a pocket so I'm not derectly on the pad makes for a much more comfortable nights sleep.

    The bug netting is installed very smoothly no big extra fabric or loosness.The ridgeline is I think the perfect length for me( 5'-11" 185lbs). With a lot more room for someone taller to still stretch out.

    Last but not the least by any means is the foot box. I hope that brandon has pattened this design because it is the signature of this hammock. Laying in it all night I felt just about as flat as in a bed. With the ability to lay in many different positions. sideways left or right, curled into a ball left or right, half way on my stomache left or right,ect ect....

    I will probably order more in the future, my kids are already bugging me.

    Brandon I give this hammock a 100 out of 10 , 10 being the highest. I don't think you could improve on this design, but hey who even thought this one was possible. I can't thank you enough for the speediness and your patient willingness to answer any and all questions. Plus the fact you were able to reverse the foot box for me to the left side. The future looks bright for you sir. I hope your dreams come true business wise because you have a wonderful product here.

    Truly amazed,

    P.S. I can not thank everyone here at hammockforums enough as well. For dirrecting me to the cloud (BB) I now own. Thanks y'all
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