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i too would like to see a bb specific foot box coverin full coverage kaq that no one else can use.bb is an awsum fancy *** hammockl that deserves only the best.this what puts the monkey on our backs.we want sumtin special.i think we deserve it!
Mozzie, et al,

The footbox that ya'll keep refering to on the BB is a bit of a misnomer as far as UQs are concerned....The BB base is a 65 inch by 120 inch gathered end hammock....Every under quilt that fits gathered end hammocks fits the BB...for example all of the JRB UQ fit the BB, so I'm sure that the KAQ described will also fit....

The "footbox" is primarily formed in the top by the triangle of material that replaces the bug net of the asym HH .... It has no impact on the bottom material or the fit of an under quilt.