I'm still interested in that shorter length UQ Mike, don't give up on me!

This did get me thinking about the use and positioning of CCF pads in the BB. Right now I have a single layer 1.1, and I've found it difficult to keep pads properly positioned into the footbox area. Having not seen a dual layer BB yet, I'm assuming that the extra layer covers the region completely underneath the footbox as well?

I'm also thinking that a dual layer might stretch less and better maintain the intended shape of the hammock. On my single layer hammock there seems to be a raised ridge (in the direction of the hang) bordering the footbox that my legs need to go across when lying diagonally. I may need to upgrade to a dual just to get a more comfortable lay. At >185 lbs I'm probably exceeding the intended weight range for that hammock.

Concerning the Nest UQ issue, I'm thinking that it might be more due to compression of the underquilt as the footbox extends against it. The mod may actually have made things worse by increasing the tensioning of the foot end of the quilt.