Well, today I tried out my new Dynaglide UCR's for the first time. I liked them; they were light (13g for a set vs 37g for my whoopies), they were thin, and the fixed eye has less of a chance of slipping off of my MSH than the adjustable loop of the whoopie. I set up my hammock, tightened my UCR's, milked the crap out of the buries, and had a prussik behind each bury for backup. I climbed in, and less than a minute later I found myself falling quickly to the ground. Luckily for me, the Dynaglide seemed to have "fused" to itself from the friction, and that was what broke my fall.

Not to be deterred from one minor setback, I tightened it up again, once again milked my buries, made sure the prussiks were in place, and climbed into my hammock. Again, less than a minute later I felt that familiar sensation of falling, again stopped short of the ground from the Dynaglide "fusing" to itself from the friction. This time it was the other side. For the record, I weigh 189.6lbs, so a little under the recommended max weight for Dynaglide UCR's (from what I have been reading around here).

So, UCR's may work for some of you folks, but It looks like I am sticking to my tried-and-true whoopies!