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    SOLD - LuxuryLite Modular Pack

    The pack is sold, thanks for looking.

    Manufacturers info at: and and reviews at and

    Includes 3 (Black) cylinders;
    2 Big Cylinders volume of 1760 cubic inches. (18.5") wide, (11") diameter.
    1 midsize Cylinder volume of 1130 cubic inches. (16") wide, (9.5") diameter.
    Front pack
    “Hook” waist belt.
    Original shoulder straps replaced with “Granite Gear” straps
    The”D” Rings have been converted to “C” hooks to keep the front Pack straps from slipping off the shoulder
    The stock sit pad has been extended with a velcroed CCF pad.

    The frame has some worn finish in a few places otherwise in excellent condition.
    Selling because this pack places all the weight on the hips and I have flat hips and absolutely no “butt”.(The typical female shape can wear the hip belt looser and more comfortably)

    $195 plus shipping

    Steve at: yourhandymansteve (at)
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