A few days ago, I wanted to take a look at the For Sale forum .....
It was a bit difficult to find items that were still for sale, because
of the pure number of items left in the forum.

I tried to filter the category by replies (increasing), and found pages
of items from 6 years ago. This method did not work.

I have been trying to think of how we can make it easier for our
members to find gear that has not sold yet. Then I stumbled upon
this thread.

Even though the former moderator accused Gresh of hijacking the thread
(sort of rude if you ask me), I think that Gresh had a great idea and a
good solution to our problem.


If the moderators already have to take the time to amend the title
and write "sold", I suggest that it would take less time to just move
the thread to a "Sold" subcategory. This would free up more space
on the For Sale forum, and make it simpler to search for things.

Sure, I understand that this is asking the mods to do work, but I
also contend that it will make their job easier as the For Sale section
will become more streamlined. Once it becomes organized, it will be
much easier to police.

Going through all of the posts in the For Sale section would take much
time and hassle. Mods could simply rename the current For Sale section
to Sold, and create a new one called For Sale. Then we have one of two
options to re-populate the For Sale forum. First, you could have owners
resubmit current For Sale posts if they still have something for sale.
Another option is just to move the most current unsold items back to
the For Sale section, this would be much less work than moving all of the
sold items out of the section.

Of course, this doesn't need to be done... we can continue on with the
marketplace as it is. I do think that the community would benefit from not
having to wade through pages and pages of For Sale items. Would this
mean that more gear is sold? I think it would attain that.