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    field report on first nite ever outside

    O.K. ladies and gents. Well last night 3/21/09 was the first time I spent the night in the blackbird in the out of doors. First let me start by saying thank you to all the avid hangers here at Hammockforums to lead me on my quest for comfort in the New England woods. I will try to load some photos later to show the set up in the woods in my backyard but not sure how to.

    Started the set up around 7ish and got done 15 to 20 minutes later, not to bad. Inside the hammock I used 2 blue wally world pads 1/2" X 24" X 72" and let me just say I was comfy warm all night.

    The temp got down to 28 degrees with wind making it feel like 24 degrees. I was able to shut the foot end of the speers winter tarp to block this wind, work out sweet. Didn't get a lot of sleep due to my wife and kids freakin out thinking I'm going to get hypothermia so they kept texting me. Then my daughter kept reminding me about a bear in our area with cubs so needless to say every noise I heard was like, what was that.

    Got out one time for the call of nature around 1 a.m. Inside the hammock for blankets I had a 20 degree sleeping bag used as a quilt and an Italian wool blanket which was quit nice. It allowed me to let my lower legs be covered while I pulled the mummy sleeping bag over my head because my face ,even with a balaclava, would get cold. Hate when my nose gets cold.

    Woke up around 5:30 a.m. to go golf this morning. back felt wonderful so I had a great game shot a 79 second time out this year. The blackbird is a great hammock and would reccomend it to anyone , in fact I think I sold one to someone on the course during play today, by just describing it to another player he asked for the web site of th WBBB. thats about it have to get to store for the kids right now fill y'all in more later with pictures I hope.

    Forgot to mention what I was wearing that night. well balaclava for one but couldn't get comfy with it so ended up with my knitted hat on.
    thermal underwear
    fleece top
    two pairs of socks


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