I'm new to Hennessy hammocks, so I may be having some culture/hammock shock compared to my old one. In the past, I've used a DD Frontline, nice double bottom and warm. I decided to try the Hennessy, they're made well, well reviewed and very popular. Ok, so made the jump - initially impressed with everything.

First issue - wow, that's a small tarp. Ok, lightens the load, and can work so no real issue.

Second issue - holy cow, no headroom. In my DD, I often sat up to read or talk with other backpacking mates. Sotting up in the Hennessy, the Bugnet is close and you get the ridge line (nice feature) in the head (not nice feature).

So, my question to you all... Is this how they are (low headroom) or am I hanging it too tight? I had to keep it fairly tight otherwise it hung too low for the small tarp to do anything. I tried it with more slack, and it hung way below the tarp - rendering the tarp useless had it rained. I suppose closer trees would help lessen that issue, just can't use as wide a tree gap as I did with the DD, at least while using the stock Hennessy tarp. Anyway, tarp is no problem - but I was really surprised by the low headroom - is that right? Any and all tips welcome.