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    SOLD: Speer 4 x 4 Segmented Pad Extender (SPE) with Eight Wings

    Speer 4x4 SPE with Eight Wings--Total Width 40"; 4.5oz. SOLD

    Excellent condition; used on a couple of shake-down hikes; have moved to quilts, so this is just gathering dust in the closet. $65.00, shipping included to CONUS for SPE, 16 wing pads, and center pad. PayPal preferred. USPS money order accepted. Please PM for details and questions.

    Modified to keep wing pads from sliding out with Velcro dots sewn on (rather than just stuck on) one end of the wing sleeve and the other end sewn shut. SPE comes with: 1-1/4”x20x60 tapered Speer ccf pad to fit the main sleeve; 8-1/4” Speer ccf wing pads, already notched for secure insertion in wing sleeves; 8-3/8” blue ccf wing pads, similarly notched. Wing pads show virtually no wear; main pad shows some wear and “dimples” from my butt! $90+ for all if purchased new, without modifications.

    From the Speer website: “Segmented Wings Extend Width to 40", providing Side Body Protection at Shoulders and Hips; Made with Lightweight Breathable Ripstop Nylon, Accepts one or more Sleeping Pads for total Stack Height of 1/4" to 3"; Accepts all common 20" wide Inflatable & Closed Cell Foam Pads; including most Therm-A-Rest and blue foam pads! Ideal for Combining Inflatable & Foam Pads as Needed for Warmth; Prevents Slipping or Sliding of Pad or Pads during use; Unique Baffle Design Eliminates Cold Gaps between Segments; Wings Accept Inserts of Foam Pad, Clothes, or Leaves; Add Clothes or Leaves to Wings &/or Main Panel for Even More Warmth; SPEs are also the Perfect Solution for Sleeping on Very Cold Ground when Multiple Pads are Needed!”
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