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    Quote Originally Posted by skar578 View Post
    woah, rapt where did you get the $4/yd gortex?! i gotta look out for those deals!

    BTW what good would waterproof/ breathable material? It couldn't be used as a tarp could it?
    I got it here... It was two layer with a tricot bonded "lining" fabric rather than the normal face fabric. Usually in white, or silvery-grey. Regular price is still pretty reasonable, at $8/m for 56" wide, see page 10 of their 2007 PDF catalogue.

    I've used it for waterproof breathable lightly insulated sleeping bag overbags... Great if you want a light summer bag, to convert a 3 season down bag to very functional four season system, or to keep your down bag dry(er) in wet conditions.

    As was said it CAN be used as a tarp but it'd be a waste and quite heavy. Better used as an "undercover" or supershelter/weathershield type system.

    Also Goretex is 100% windproof, which can be handy in keeping heat in.
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    Ah my (hopeful) setup would be a 1,9 DWR hammock, 1.1 DWR quilt lining, Primaloft insulation, and 1.1 sil for tarp and ws.

    momentum 90 i heard is nice for a hammock, so it might work for that and even the quilt. but that would be if i was hit by gates or something...

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    with the other thread make your own silnylon it might be possible to get that camo silnylon tarp now.

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