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    J Faullk Knock off

    J Faulk Knock off. Pepi can backup stove. Snow Peak Ti 900 & lid, custom made 70d pu coated sto-sack (pu coated helps contain wood smell).

    60 shipped conus. paypal.
    Pics in my gallery
    Link to post when I made it. post=104956#104956
    Used 3 trips. Have new stove and do not need it anymore.

    Pics of the kit.
    Everything included weighs 11 ounces. Some parts can be left at home to lower the weight.

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    Question answered

    There are two alc stoves - in case you want to just set the pot on the super cat. There are actually three stoves. And the cozy comes with it to keep drinks and foods warm.

    The wire screen is to raise the pot off the stove and maximize the heat from wood or alc.

    Two tent pegs are required to use the pepsi can stove in the top of the wood burner.

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    was that the compact wood burning stove? i've been thinking about making one of them.

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    I guess it is. Its pretty compact.

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    Any offers

    I guess the main component is the Snowpeak pot, New was 45
    I do not need this stove and don't want to toss it - it is a nice kit for a light weighter. Any reasonable offer accepted. Thanks.

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