It was waiting for me on my porch when I got home from work this afternoon. I wasn't really expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest. I immediately ran down in my basement and set up my hammock with the quilt.

It went on pretty easily. The only thing confusing about the directions is that they assume that you're using cord and not straps. It would have been nice if the directions had some thing for folks using rings and straps. Not being a complete idiot I was able to figure out a way attach it that seems like it going to work.

I haven't spent much time in it yet, but I immediately felt warmth coming from my back, like I never have before laying in the hammock.

Mrprez did a great job, and when I requested a certain customization, not only was he willing to accommodate, he was ready to do it from the ordering process on the website to execution. Outstanding customer service!

The bad news for all of you is my customization was an extra layer of insulation. He said it turned out to be a PITA, and that he's gonna have to rethink offering that. Which means that my KAQ, kicks more *** than your KAQ!

Thank you, Mrprez!