Ok, I just suddenly remembered this thread.

In it we talked about how cinch buckles could damage your webbing over time and make it unsafe. Cannibal did lose the bet, but not because of a suspension failure. That has nothing to do with what I am talking about here, but I just thought I would remind everyone that i won that bet.

Back on topic. The discussion was on how safe cinch buckles were over time, and no one was entirely sure. So I figured I would post my experience on it. I used the thin yellow Harbor Freight webbing, and cinch buckles on my thru last year. I probably had 5 months of hanging total, and have absolutely no wear on the webbing. There are no creases, indentations, or any sings of wear on the webbing from the buckles. There are some when you use them, but after washing the webbing they disappear. So I think those marks are kind of like wrinkles in the polyester. That's really all I gots to say. Figured I would bring this back up since it was never really concluded.