God I love Missouri. Trip planned for weeks been looking like a little rain the first night Sat and then a nice day Sun and Mon. Then in 3 days it goes from a rainy and little cold to a d!@# blizzard..... on the LAST WEEKEND OF MARCH. I swear, I almost am ready to believe in a higher power since it's pushing it to think that chance just manages to set a major storm over every trip I plan.

I was actually thinking it would be a neat test of my sleep system until it started looking like high's in the 40's and 15mph winds were going to be my reward for slogging through the snow and ice on Saturday.

Oh well. I hate trying to plan weekend trips. It's a total waste to drive 5 hours to SE Missouri to set under a tarp in the rain and it only takes a few hours of movement in a storm's time-frame to make it a mostly nice weekend to a mostly nasty one. I'll just have to wait a little longer for my woods-fix.