As I posted, I got to see the Clark factory and was given the chance to try a nx200 for myself. I do admit, they are really really nice. But I can't afford one, or even half of one. So, I'm building my own sort of hybrid. I've been reading and looking at all the different manufacturers and DIY hammocks and making note of what I like about each. What I like about the Clark are the pockets. I didn't have enough time to really look at how the pockets under the clark are stitched, but I know they are baffled.

Could I ask a favor? If it wouldn't be much of a bother, I'd really appreciate some pictures, descriptions, anything really, that'll help me understand how the pockets are sewn to the hammock. Particularly the baffles between the pockets, especially the one that that runs down the center of the hammock. If you Clark owners could help me out it's save me alot of frustration and fabric.

If any Clark representatives read this, no worries. I'm not trying to steal from you guys in any way. I am however trying to incorporate a feature of your hammocks into a home built one for my own use. But I'm not even sure I have the sewing skill or equipment to make the pockets. Had I the cash I'd probably drive back up there and buy a hammock right from the factory. But I gotta make due.

Thanks in advance.