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I don't know what to do yet, I thought the Blackbird was supposed to be the be all and end all of hammock innovation.
Yea, when is any piece of equipment the "end of innovation"? Nothing fits everyone...and some people simply don't want to be satisfied.
You want to sell it...let me know. Better yet, put it up for sale here and see if it lasts 1 day...

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I'm actually thinking about a Hennessy Explorer Ultralight with zipper mods, if only they had a double layer for the mosquitoes. I've got the UL Backpacker with the zipper mods and it is a comfortable and functional hammock, I just wish it was a little larger.
I'd suggest you stick with the HHUL...seems to fit you better (with all the mods, of course). Maybe you can find someone to add a second layer...ask around, plenty of creative DIY people here