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My arm and shoulder are still sore tonight, and it's been some time since I was in the hammock.
See thats my point, though - if the hammock is causing you that kind of discomfort and pain, thats a serious issue. Complaining about the color of the shock cord and size of the zipper pulls looks like you're just finding stuff to hate because you're grouchy from getting a bad night's sleep

It would be like one of us having to go to ground for a weekend, and ending up with a sore back, and then going on whiteblaze and posting a big rant about how we hate tents because the rain flys aren't pretty and we didn't like the color of the guy lines that came with it. Or how the included stakes were so crappy and I shouldn't have to upgrade to MSR Groundhogs because I'm not a DIYer.

By wasting time complaining about aesthetic nonsense, you take attention away from the important point - sleeping in the blackbird caused you pain! That's a pretty serious point, and one that's pretty darn surprising to those of us who love our blackbirds, and it's one worth devoting some attention to.