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    A quiet night out...

    Well yesterday on my way home I called the wife and asked if she wanted to take an overnight trip, 4 hours later we were on the road. Headed to one of my favorite small Brown streams, we arrived to locked gates and walk in access only. Setup camp in our typical day trip spot, gathered a bit of wood, brought a few flat stones up to set the FireBox on and hung the hammock and tarp. Promptly turned off the phones so no pictures or electronic disturbances of any kind. Fished about 45 minutes before heading back to start working on dinner, and it was a slow, but with the recent heat and how much the stream changed after the last big storm I wasn't surprised. Landed 4 then it was back to split some wood, and start rehydrating Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya to heat over the fire. After dinner and a bit of sitting around I headed back out as the light was fading fast. It is definitely a unique experience fishing Tenkara in the dark, so dark that my Petzl barely provided much coverage. Trusting that the rod will do as you expect is an interesting when you can't see anything and rely completely on feel. I managed one small Brown which was great.

    Turned in and slept wonderfully hanging in the hammock awakening around 7, gathered some more wood then got the coffee going on the fire. Last week I dehydrated eggs and sausage on a trial run and it came out great. A bit of rain had moved in, and thunder was coming in quick. We went for a walk and came back to clean up camp. Decided to pack it up a bit early as this valley is known for freak rain storms this year, 3 so far that have caused lots of wash out. The last one was July 8th that sent down 7" of rain in 2 hours time.

    Still some great packing and practice with lots of fine tuning to come. A couple weeks ago I picked up a vintage hatchet and 3/4 Bahco German axe that I think will be passed on for someone else to play with as they didn't add anything to my pack that I couldn't accomplish with my Silky Saw and Doug Ritter MK2 for batoning.

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    Sounds like a great trip, thanks for sharing =]

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