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    Question Another Down compared to Syn. thread (Potomac vs Shenandoah)

    To get the main question out of the way before my usual long blabbering... How does the Potomac compare to the Shenandoah?

    I've been in a very dificult spot lately: i finally have some cash (200 bucks) to spend on bottom insulation for my hammock. Even though my initial wish was the SS (and i must try it out some day), after reading many threads on it, i've decided that an UQ would be better for me. This being so because of the condesation problems the SS seems to bring up, and I sweat alot when I sleep - the dents of my Z Lite pad always end up filled with bits of water, no matter under what weather conditions, being on my hammock or on the ground. I've read that this could be solved by smart layering of clothes, but i always try sleeping with as few clothes on as possible, specially when hammocking. Other solutions i have read, but it seem to much of a hassle. So for now its not going to be the SS.

    An UQ is my new wish. I was set on an KAQ (price and drying time compared to down UQ seemed better), but I just found out that the JRB Shenandoah, including JRB suspension system, is arround the same price!
    So all this blabbering about me is just to ask, again, how do these two UQ compare? The Shenandoah is actually an overquilt that can be used as a underquilt, how does this affect it effectiveness? Im assuming the Potomac is designed to work well for lef to right sleepers (as Ramblinev calls us ) is this assumption correct? How about for the Shenandoah and left to right sleepers? Concerning perspiration problems, which handles this issue better? The lowest temp ive read someone has used the potomac by itself is 25 deg, could Shenandoah reach at least 30 by itself? How small can the Potomac be compressed? These two seem like good competitors, what do you fellow hammocker think / know about these two put side by side?

    As always, any input is very welcome. Sorry for the bunch of q's.
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