Let's see if we can get a few hammockers together this spring to hike & camp in Linville Gorge, NC.
Here's the thread were we began talking about it...

And here's my first suggestion for thought...
"I'd love to get back to the gorge! Lets plan a trip!!!
Most people try to avoid the hot summer days in the gorge because it's not that high in elevation (can get awful hot & muggy), & the terrain usually requires sweat producing work

Right now it looks like the only weekends I have committed are the 3rd & 4th weekends in April (Hot Springs & the Sat before), and the weekend of Trail Days (May 15-17).
Those that are interested, lets hear what dates work best & least for you.

Now I'm not as spry as Shug... I get along pretty well, & sometimes I have to pace myself slower so others I'm hiking w/ wont get exhausted. But I'm not much into high miles & pushing myself into fatigue
I'd much rather set a reasonable distance to shoot for & enjoy some down time in camp in the evening.
I kinda like to enjoy the morning around camp too

So if some wanting to go are in need of more challenge, maybe we could come in from two different directions & meet at a chosen destination.

Let me know what you think"