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    Quote Originally Posted by lori View Post
    Works....sort of

    Quote Originally Posted by lori View Post
    Nope! Nothing sticks to that stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by lori View Post
    You need a new needle for each project and keeping seams straight is as much fun as bathing my cat.

    I'm way too smart to even try to bathe either of my cats! I am, however, dumb enough to sew sil. I use pins. I might be an ounce weenie, but not enough of a gram weenie to worry about the weight of seam sealer. I try to keep my pins thru fabric that is going to be used in the seam. Since I seal all my tarps anyway, this really isn't an issue for me. It is by far the best method I have found. I did have some success with the mini binder clips. They have to be new and you have to be careful, because the sil wants to pull out of them. If it does, it can leave an ugly mark. Not that I know from experience or anything.
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    thanks again for all the great advice i think im going to make a new pair of straps for my eno hammock, since i dont have a abundance of time or cash to make a uq. Also im tired of ending up on the ground after sleeping using the eno slap straps.

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