I received my whoopie hook setup from Dutchware last week. Finally got my Hennessy switched over today and set up in the yard. I ran into an issue with the whoopie slings seeming to stretch. I tightened everything up and got in for the first time and I sank all the way to the ground. The hammock was at about butt level when I got in. When I got out there was noticeably more sag than what I had originally. I tightened it up and tried it again. It didn't sag as much, but my rear was still brushing the ground. I'm not skinny by any means, but from everything I've read the whoopies should be able to support my weight, about 200 pounds. When I was taking everything down I noticed that the whoopie slings were discolored (whitened) as though they had stretched everywhere they were under the most stress. This was mostly at the continuous loop, the area at which the whoopie hook was, and some around the constriction area as well. Am I doing something wrong? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I would really like for this setup to work.