Went camping last night in a hammock for the first time. I had my ENO singlenest with a homemade underblanket, the 9x9 "Neo tarp", and a poncho liner as a blanket. Talked my mom into going and she slept in my Hammock Bliss mosquito hammock. She didn't believe me about the cold and only brought a blanket. Around 12 she had to sleep in the car. I was comfortable all night and the Ranger said it got into the 40's. My attachments from the underblanket to the hammock broke on one side, and I got cold on that side though. I will use elastic to attach them so there will be some give next time. Other than that my setup got me down to the 40's, and I can go lower with the addition of a pad in the underblanket, mylar blanket, or other insulation. I feel that I could realistically get into the low 30's with what I have on hand. We did look kind of funny because the tent sites were closed for repairs. So we were in the middle of 30'-50' long RVs and campers in the RV section. Got a lot of funny looks from the RV types. The Ranger said it was the first time anyone used hammocks at that park, and they were really impressed with my setup. That made me feel good. Will post pictures as soon as they are put on disk so people can give advice and see my underblanket. Only cost me $30 to make, so it may help someone make their own.

My first time hanging for more than 10 minutes. I am convinced it is the way to go, and my mom said that it was the most comfortable sleep she ever had. She did get in it again in the morning and we slept all day. Will definately take a hammock for my AT thru hike next year.