Hey guys. I finally got my Clark NX-200 today via UPS! Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to "hang out" in it. I got it pretty late in the evening and did have a chance to set it up on my back porch, but it was very low and I don't think that the "trees"(or in this case porch posts) weren't sturdy enough to hold my weight. Don't have any trees big enough in my neighborhood. It also started raining later on in the evening, but I know that's not an issue with a Clark. I do have a few questions for you veteran Clark owners.

First, I notice that in the video from cavediver2 that he puts his slapstraps up very high, almost as high as he can reach, to get the hammock to hang with a gentle curve. I also noticed the trees he hangs it on are very close together. If someone were to hang their hammock and the trees were further apart would the straps end up being lower, or would that make the sag of the hammock be wrong? Would the straps still need to be at the same height? Or even lower? When I hung mine today, the ropes were a little above head high(I'm 6'3") and the bottom of the hammock was about at my kneecaps. Something about the hammock still didn't look quite right. Any info on setting up with tree straps of just the stock ropes would be helpful. I have seen some of the cinch buckle systems, but I'm not quite ready to mod this hammock just yet. I want to try and use what came with it first and be able to do it right every time(with practice of course).

I am also curious about the easiest way to put the hammock in the stuff sack when its ready to be put away, without it touching the ground. Is there a certain technique? Do you unhook the rainfly when you are putting it in the stuff sack? When I was putting mine away for the first time today it was a little windy and the middle of the rainfly kept blowing away from the main body of the hammock and creating a gap that made it hard to stuff it all in at the same time. I was thinking it might be easier to remove and fold up the fly, put it in the sack first, and then stuff the hammock? Just want to know about other peoples preferences. I guess this kind of question doesn't get asked on here a lot.

I guess that about does it for now. I'm sure I'll have more questions later. Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm gonna post this on the yahoo! Clark Forum too. My username is m_shupee2003 there.