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    CLOSED: Neat Sheet deal

    I'm Sorry but my supply is gone. The offer has expired

    This is not an April Fool's joke. I can get a double pack of Neat Sheet single size (not family size) for just under $5.

    They are blue. So here's the deal. 2 (two) Neat Sheet sheets for $5.50 plus shipping. Trust me by the time I pay tax and gas to get these I ain't making any moiney once paypal takes it's cut. Single sheets will be $3.00 each and will arrive unwrapped but unused.

    I will be fronting the miney for these which I can not afford to do on speculation. Send me your e-mail address and I will send a paypal invoice for payment plus shipping. Please do not send me your address unless you intend to follow through on the purchase.

    I sent a pic from my phone but it has not arrived in my email yet so I can't post it. But this offer expires by the end of thday tomorrow.

    This is not an April Fools post.
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