I am still clearing out some hammocks to help get some more toys. I am selling a Claytor hammock that my daughter used a couple nights yard camping. I got it from a friend who ordered 2 and only used one. It is a dual layer so a pad works great. It would be good for someone 5'10" or shorter. I made my daughter a bridge hammock is the only reason I am selling.

It is set up with a ridgline made from 2.8 Spyder line. It also has the ring and webbing already installed. The webbing is the 1.5" poly seatbelt webbing from Strapworks. I left about 5' at 1.5" and doubled the remainder over (sewed) to make a 3/4" strap for a total of about 12'. It has D-rings that are sized for the 3/4" strap. The seatbelt poly packs better than standard poly straps.

Also included is a JRB 8x8 tarp in great shape. It has been seam sealed and matches up well with the mosquito hammock.

The color of the tarp and hammock are a lot closer than the pics show.

DIY snakeskins included. The tarp snakeskins do not cover the entire tarp. I like to leave the middle and ends open because it helps the tarp drain and dry faster if it gets wet.

I figured that new this setup is about $175 with the hammock, tarp, webbing/rope, and D-rings without shipping cost.

I am offering for $125 shipped to US (48 states). I will ship quicker than Claytor also

Summary, Hammock Like New, Tarp used in great shape, Webbing/Ring/ridgeline setup included. Take out of box and start hanging.