I got a priority mail surprise today! My WARBONNET BLACKBIRD!!

I've been hanging outside all evening...enjoying. It was all I could do to get myself to take it down and come inside. I was tempted to sleep outside tonight but I have not been able to find my tarp since I organized my camping gear closet. I would have woke up in the morning wet from dew. Oh, well I have a trip set for the AT in 20 days and I think I'm going to sleep like a baby!

It's my nature at night to thrash around. In my old hammock (I think from hereon I'll refer to it as "my wife's new hammock"), every time I tried to change positions I would wake up because there was not enough room. The other problem I encountered with my wife's new hammock was that my knees were hyperextended at night because I couldn't lay very flat, which caused pain the following day in that band that runs up the side of the knee. Starts with an "I".

With the footbox on the Blackbird, I can lay pretty flat. I can easily roll onto my left side with little effort. Basically, I can thrash around all I want because of the ample room. The Blackbird=COMFORT.

The shelf is also going to be really handy. In my wife's new hammock, I was forever knocking my flashlight out of the small mesh side pocket. When nature would call during the middle of the night, it was a real pain to find the flashlight. It was usually under the small of my back but whenever I rolled over to reach for it the flashlight would annoyingly slide somewhere else.

I have a 40" wide 1/4" thick evazote pad which fits easily in the large pad pocket. I had no problem getting the pad setup in the right position. In my wife's new hammock, the pad pocket was more constricted and the pad would partially fold over while inserting it into the pad pocket, which left me with a cold spot at night.

What else...setup was not hard at all. I have the adjustable webbing suspension, which did not seem to slip at all. In my wife's new hammock, the round descending rings sometimes slipped shortly after getting in the hammock. Busted my butt one night.

I really think I'm going to enjoy my Blackbird.

Last thing, the name Warbonnet Blackbird is really cool, but I think I'm just going to call mine "The Palace"! Great job Brandon!! Thanks.