I don't want to hijack the BRB ebay auction thread. I have received some interest in the DIY bridge I offered on that thread. I am not overly anxious to sell it which is why I haven't listed it before. But to be honest I need to reduce some clutter and I have committed to the HH Explorer with the Super Shelter as my hammock of choice. This one is now extra.

I don't have specific details on it as I had not intended to sell it but I will compile those and update the post.

In the mean time, this is no ultralight jobber. It was an experimental idea which resulted in a double layer made with fairly robust fabric. I have been using wood dowels for spreader bars but it did perform nicely with my trekking poles when I set it up ar the NJ Pine Barrens hang in Jan.

I'll get some more info and post it later in the day. Thanks for the interest.