Going back to Grayson Highlands in a few weeks with my buddy. I'm looking for any incite on what I plan to do. Specifically any good camp sites for night 2.

The route I'm planning can be seen here.

Massie gap to Thomas Knob for water then continue on the AT to Briar Ridge. When I passed this area over the summer there was an expansive area of fire rings up under the trees that looked like hammock heaven but didn't stop at the time.

On day two we will take the spur trail out to the VA highlands horse trail, branch off on Cabin and work our way back around to Crest. (I haven't been on those sections yet)

Then take Pine Mt. north till it hits the AT and slip back out to Crest for the nice open views down to Scales. This part I know from the summer. We'll get water at Scales and then take the AT up Stone Mt. till we find a good place to camp. I took Bear Pen over the summer so I have a feel for Stone Mountain but I don't know of any particular places to hang. Any secret spots you guys can point me to would be cool.

The third day we'll continue on the AT past Wise shelter and back to Massie gap.