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Yeah I was wondering why you were getting one, since you didn't seem to have a very high opinion of the SS. I figured you maybe were going to give it a test for the sake of science and advance of knowlege. But now it doesn't sound like you will be fooling with it much.
A large part of my motivation was to see what all the talk was about all of a sudden. I think it's interesting how different ideas seem to come and go...when I first started getting into hammocks, pretty much everything I heard about the SS was negative. Now there's a pretty hardcore group of fans, seemingly coming out of nowhere in the last month or so. That's also part of my motivation - like I said, I don't like to take others' word for things. Guess I should've been from Missouri

I'll definitely be trying it out some, especially since the weather's warming up. That is, assuming I can figure out a good way to pack the thing. I do like my "BB sack" setup with a quilt