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    Dream Hammock Thunderbird 11 ft.
    12 ft Tadpole
    EE TQ & UGQ UQ
    Full Whoopie Hook

    Pulled the trigger ...all down hill now!

    I'm takin to the trees like a spider monkey ! I cozy, well rested spider monkey

    I'm a heavy-weight ultra-light backpacker and after my share of hard ground, roots, sliding down to the bottom of my tent and more than a few nights of bad sleep I have placed order #638 with Papa Smurf and a Tadpole from Wilderness Logic. I swear, those guys make it so easy that it's actually harder to avoid making a purchase than just to pull the trigger

    I chose an 11 ft. Thunderbird in 1.8 night grid and 1.8 olive high count and the Tadpole is 12 ft and black. I hope to contribute more in the future. I know I'm going to add about 5lbs to my base weight, but I plan to drop 3 or 4 by losing the hammock chair, neo air, tarp tent notch etc. I have decided that being a well tested and comfortable hiker is more important than being a gram wiener.

    Tbird - out

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    Betschwanden,Glarus, Switzerland
    DH DB 11'x72'',WL Snipe
    OMW 144'' Black
    UGQ 40*+0*,Inc 20*
    dutch & whoopie
    Waiting is hard, but-sure-You will enjoy Your flight
    Greetings from Swiss DH DB 11' Chris

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