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    Claytor Jungle/ WBBB
    3x4 rain fly
    Segmented pad/bag
    whoopi slings

    Made all kinds of things.....

    First thing was a small double pocket that hangs on a piece of 550 that I stung up on the inside of my Claytor JH. It's just big enough to hold a couple of power bars and a head lamp.

    Next was some snake skins. Not much to say about those. Very easy project, keep it neat and tidy.

    Found a neat sheet at Toys R Us, and cut a 6'x4' piece. I added velcro to the hammock and the sheet and fit it inbetween the layers. Doesn't move around at all, nor does it bunch up.

    Then a few days ago I read someones thread about adding a curved pole to his tarp. I thinks to myself, "Cool idea". Go to the locale Sportsmans Warehouse thats going out of business and find one of those fiberglass tent poles with shock cord for $5. Made two pockets out of 4 layers of nylon, and sewed them on to the tarp along with a center tie. This works great!!!!!
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